HOLIDAY DIY: Christmas OlyFun Rag Garland

Christmas is just a few days away, and everyone is scrambling to get ready. This Christmas OlyFun Rag Garland will keep the kiddos and relatives busy, while you go hide in your craft room wrapping presents and making things for yourself. You just need OlyFun in the colors and metallics of your choice and pinking shears (or regular scissors). There's no sewing or glue involved. I made mine to fit my holiday decor color palette and mantel size. You can customize this for any event and decor. Head over to Fairfield World to make a Christmas OlyFun Rag Garland.

I'm a Master Maker for Fairfield World. They provided me with the OlyFun for this project. They paid me to create this project. All thoughts, opinions, photos, and instructions are my own.


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