HOLIDAY DIY: Apothecary Jar Winter Forest

This apothecary jar winter forest is great Christmas decor for your shelves, mantle or dining table. I partnered with Fairfield World, Oriental Trading and DecoArt for this holiday project. I combined some of their products with a few miniatures I had on hand. We recently switched out our old media cabinets for a new sleek dark brown set. The top of my record shelf is a great place to showcase my two vintage ceramic Christmas trees (thank great aunt Fran and Granannie) while creating a mini Winter forest. My ceramic house was a thrift store find, made over with DecoArt paints.

Fairfield World, Oriental Trading, and DecoArt supplied me with their products for this project. Fairfield World paid me to create this project. All thoughts, opinions, photos, and instructions are my own. Some of these products use Amazon Affiliate links. Any purchases using the Amazon Affiliate Links, will result in Amazon paying me a small commision. This goes to project the book I just bought on crochet taxidermy. So thanks for making that possible.


1) Fill the jars halfway with Poly Pellets. Insert a tea light into the jars, shifting it under the Poly Pellets. Make sure to turn on the lights, if you're displaying these jars in dim light.

2) Arrange the sisal trees, Christmas miniatures, and mini gingerbread men into the jars, pushing their bottoms into the Poly Pellets.

3) Coat the ceramic house in layers of white gesso, to disguise any old paint.

4) Using small paintbrushes and DecoArt paint, carefully paint the house details. For the silver to shine well, paint slate grey as a base color.

5) Arrange the tabletop trees, jars, house, and extra Christmas miniatures on your chosen space. If you're doing a table centerpiece, I recommend putting the jars in a tray, with Poly Pellets poured around them. Place the tabletop trees on either side of the tray, or in the center with the jars around it.

To tie in with my mantel decor, I could have used a leftover piece of Hand Dyed Cotton Batting, but I wanted the record player to show. For more Christmas decor, check out my Christmas tutorials and Oriental Trading's Christmas Store. Whatever you are making, have fun with it. Happy Makery!


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