COSTUMES: Doomsday 2016

Every August is Doomsday at a local goth club. The club is transformed into a post-apocalyptic world. I've gone almost every year. I typically throw together a costume at last minute, but this year I actually planned ahead! Halloween is just around the corner, and this particular costume can be altered for your ghoulish needs. It's minimal sewing, which I know everyone will appreciate. You can use hot or fabric glue, but stitching is clean, faster, and more sturdy. No one wants to lose part of their costume, mid party or candy collection.

This post will include mostly Amazon Affiliate links, but mostly just for your reference. If you purchase anything using my Amazon links, Amazon will pay me a small commision. I'm not going to be upset if you buy everything in stores...cause that's what I do. Also, DecoArt provided me with the paint I used for this costume. I was not paid to create this post. I just know you all like these sort of posts.

From top down, my costume is a bloody draped vest with a tank underneath, a stretchy belt, a bloody skirt thing, a stretchy black skirt, cheap red stocking that I cut, and black boots. The boots are a recent Target purchase, should you want them too. I already had the black pieces and red stockings. I made the bloody pieces and shredded the stockings.

1) I cut a rectangle of gauze fabric long enough to go around my waist and tie, by about 6". I folded that in half, centered and tied it around my dress form. I took about 4' length of gauze fabric, and gathered it along that waist band, set the selvage edges slightly towards the body front. I removed the skirt panel from the dress form. I straight stitched along the gathered part, and along the ties to finish them. I cut the bottom and sides jagged.

2) I took a yard of gauze, and draped it on my daughter, to figure out how much of the fabric would be the hood. I then draped it on my dress form and cut the arm holes. I cut all the outer edges jagged, for an aged appearance.

3) I laid a plastic tablecloth outside. I laid the vest and skirt on the plastic. I splatter painted them with watered down DecoArt red, black, and brown acrylic paint. Gauze fabric is great for this technique, as the paint bleeds well into the texture.

4) I carefully hung it up to dry overnight. By morning, the colors were paler, which was disappointing. The effect was still good.

I will say, makeup wise, I don't know how you would adapt it to other skin colors, but I'll let you figure that out. I'm already super pale, but went paler. If I was to do this makeup again, I would add veins. The idea is to look almost dead and diseased. 

1) I applied NYX face primer to my face and neck, so my makeup would stay in place all night. A little goes a long way.

2) In my palm, I mixed my foundation with cheap white cream makeup, until I got the color I wanted. I applied that with a foundation brush, but found rubbing it into my skin with my fingers worked better.

3) I set the foundation with a white face powder. I dusted off some of the powder, so I wasn't as stark white. White powder is how I set my last two skull makeups. This keeps the makeup in place, and not sweating off your face.

4) With a fluffy makeup brush, I applied Sugarpill Bulletproof to my eyelids, blending it to my brow bone and outwards. I used a small flat makeup brush to apply and blend Bulletproof under my eyes. I added mascara, but no eyeliner.

5) I used a grey eyeshadow and contouring brush, to contour my cheekbones and jaw. With that same grey and the smaller eyeshadow brush, I contoured my nose, and neck. 

6) I left my lips for last. I applied NYX lip primer. I covered my lips with the foundation and white mixture. I powdered my lips. Nyx make a white lipstick, but I don't have it. My makeup stayed on all night.

My friend Carlton, of Spiderbite Studios, was taking photos that night. This is the photo of just me, that he took. The background is just a snippet of what the entire club looked like. In other photos, with friends, I turned the vest upside down, and wore it long, without the skirt thing. By the end of the night, I'd rolled up the gauze pieces, and tied them to my purse. If you look carefully, you can spot my Separated Triangle Earrings, that I made years ago. The tank top I made is actually something I made for an old band costume. I hope you have an awesome Halloween...or any other costumed occasion. Happy Makery!


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