COSTUME DIY: Metallic OlyFun Spiked Dragon Tail

Halloween is quickly approaching, so it's time to make your Halloween costumes. This metallic OlyFun Spiked Dragon Tail goes with my Metallic OlyFun Dragon Wings and Metallic OlyFun Dragon Crown Headband. This year I wanted to make some dragon wings, inspired by some flexible bat wings I've seen. I made this tail about knee length, so my daughter could move around easily and it would stay light. This tail can be adapted to fit any person. Of all my patterns, this one is very basic geometric shapes. I'd put this at an intermediate level project, because of the spikes. If you're a beginner, just go slow, because it's all straight lines.

I'm a Master Maker for Fairfield World. They provided me with their products for this project. They paid me to create this project.
  • Clear quilting ruler
  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • White pencil
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine

1) On construction paper, draft a trapezoid tail pattern that's the tail length you want, plus 2 inches. Mine is 24" long by 9" wide at the top and 3" wide at the bottom. Draft a big triangle 8" wide by 6" tall and a small triangle 4.5" wide by 3.5" tall. Draft a 22" long strip of spikes that are 2" wide by 2" tall each, with a 1" tall band across the bottom. Cut out all of the paper pattern pieces.

The waist band is 7" longer than the measurement at the waistband of jeans. I made mine longer, and adjusted it on my daughter. The waistband rectangle is 5" wide by jean waistband + 7". I drafted this onto the jet black OlyFun, since it was very long.

2) Out of the jet black OlyFun, red metallic OlyFun, Stiffen interfacing and Structure interfacing cut out the following.

Tail - 2 Jet black OlyFun and 2 Structure
Big Triangle - 2 Red metallic OlyFun and 1 Stiffen
Small Triangle - 2 Jet black OlyFun
Spikes - 2 Red metallic OlyFun and 1 Stiffen
Waist band - 1 Jet black OlyFun and 1 Structure

3) Put the two red spike pieces wrong sides together. Machine stitch around 1/4" from the edge, with red thread. Leave the long straight edge open. Insert the Stiffen spike strip between the red layers. Trim back any excess Stiffen down the long straight edge. Sew closed.

4) Sew the small black triangles centered onto the big red triangles. Sew the two red triangles together wrong sides facing.  Leave the bottom edge open.

5) Pair the tail and waistband jet black OlyFun and Structure pieces together. Machine baste stitch around 1/4" from the edge.

6) Baste the red spike strip to one long side of a black tail piece.

7) Lay the other tail piece on top and straight stitch down the seam 1/2" from the edge. (shown) Straight stitch the pieces together along the other side too. Turn the tail right sides out.

(PicMonkey is having editing errors. I will update this post with edited photos, when the problems are resolved.)

8) Slide the red triangle onto the skinny tail end, with about 1" overlapping. Pin in place. Straight stitch the openings closed, with red thread.

9) Stuff the tail with Poly-Fil. The tail doesn't need to be tightly packed, just filled evenly and shaped.
10) Machine baste the wide tail end shut. Fold and center the waistband onto the tail. Top stitch the waistband in place.

11) Slip the waistband onto the wearer, through their jeans. Adjust the tail waistband and mark where it sits between the two front belt loops. Take the tail off the wearer. Cut the tail waistband shorter if needed. Fold in the raw edges 1/2" and top stitch closed. Cut a piece of hook and loop tape 6" long. Sew onto the waistband ends, so they overlap and close correctly.

What dragon costume photo session would be complete without some awesome poses?

My daughter decided to be a dragon, after I started working on the costume. She's had THIRTEEN different halloween costumes...actually more if you count ones only worn to school. This tail is great for Halloween, theater, dress-up, parties, and any other costumed occasion. You can use any of the 4 metallic and 18 colored OlyFun fabrics to create this project. Use fabric paint to add designs...or um scales. Don't forget to make a pair of Metallic OlyFun Dragon Wings to match your tail. I'm making a dragon horns headband next week, so make sure to check back for that tutorial. Whatever you decided to dress up as this Halloween, have a fun time. Happy Makery!


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