HOLIDAY DIY: Patriotic Fireworks Wall Decor

This Patriotic Fireworks Wall Decor might not be helpful for July 4th this year, but it can be customized for any celebration. This is a no-sew project, made with Fairfield World OlyFun and AdTech hot glue. Fairfield World has metallic OlyFun, which I used for some added sparkle, instead of white. It's not available in stores yet, but you can buy it by the bolt online. The Cherry Pop (red) and Sky Blue, should be available in local big fabric stores like JoAnn and Walmart. If not, ask your local stores to carry it. OlyFun doesn't fray, comes in 18 colors and 4 metallics. It can be sewn or hot glued together. This project requires some very basic pattern making. Those stars look intimidating, but I made them like snowflakes, by just folding the paper and doing two simple cuts. Fairfield World always supplies me with the OlyFun and pays me to create projects. AdTech sent me an awesome two-temperature hot glue gun and a ridiculous amount of various hot glues. This is a hot glue gun that doesn't hurt my hands while working with it for several hours (not this project, which only took a few minutes to glue). If you're someone like me who makes crafts often, invest in a nice quality two-temperature hot glue gun.

I went to school for fashion design, and recently was feeling guilty that in the 16 years since I graduated, that I hadn't made many patterns (thinking clothing), but then it dawned on me that I make patterns for almost every project I make. I do a lot of patternless sewing, because that expensive education taught me a lot of great construction techniques and how to drape fabrics. I drape and sew a lot of the costumes I make, skipping the pattern making hassle completely. I only have an associate degree that I haven't used much. I have been teaching art after school and working in the craft industry, for the last three years. I might finally go back to college for another few years to get an art teaching degree. My husband would love to see me get a doctorate in art. I'm one of those people who loves all kinds of art, wants to constantly learn new things, and keep improving on old things. I feel like my life is different than many of my teaching co-workers. I have a teenager, and set my career goals aside to raise her. Now that she's a teenager, I've been trying to figure out what I want to do. I'd love to do art therapy or teach art to special needs kids. That takes some figuring out. Anyway, so you got both a project to go make, and a quick life update. I've been experimenting with a lot of painting lately, which I should probably post here, and not just my Instagram and Facebook pages. I've been trying to make stuff vs spend hours on a computer, since that's a better use of my time. Feel free to follow me on Instagram and Facebook. On Instagram, if you make stuff I like, I'll probably follow you back.


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