HOLIDAY DIY: Gold Easter Bunny Rabbit Ears Headband

There might be a theme forming with my Easter projects. It might be bunnylicious. That's a word that Google spell check approved...why, I'm not sure. Over on Fairfield World, I created a tutorial for a Gold Easter Bunny Rabbit Ears Headband. I used Gold and Bubble Gum OlyFun. These would look smashing with Silver, Rose Gold, Orchid, Blue SkySea Green, Kiwi, Lemon Drop or Orange Crush. Those are my preferred colors at the moment, as I'm deep in Spring cheer mode. It's finally 70 today! So excited to enjoy the outdoors. I have to stop my possible rambling and go work outdoors on painting a glider, before heading to a school to teach kids how to paint know like this polka dots. We're making pop art portraits. It's spiffy, the kids like it, and my assistant is a local painter artist, so that makes me happy. We all could use more happiness in our lives!

I'm a Master Maker for Fairfield World. This means they pay me to come up with these wacky tutorials using their products. My favorite is their OlyFun fabric, which cuts like paper and doesn't fray, making it great for so many wacky projects. My list is long and that's great, because I'm on my third term with them, so yeah expect more projects collaborating with Fairfield World. They're awesome people who make awesome things. Can't get much better than that really!


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