CROCHET DIY: Crocheted Metallic Striped Bowl

CHA Mega Show is wrapping up, so I wanted to share the Crocheted Metallic Striped Bowl that I made exclusively for the Fairfield World booth. If you aren't familiar with the acronym CHA, it's Craft and Hobby Association, which is for craft industry professionals, including bloggers, designers, manufactures, and store owners. I fall into the blogger and designer categories. I didn't attend this year, because I had no reason to. I did however watch a lot of Periscope videos from friends who were attending and demoing. That made me feel like I didn't completely miss out. Anywho, back to the bowl. This is made using new Silver, Rose Gold (a hot trendy color), and Gold Metallic OlyFun. The metallic OlyFun also comes in Red. You're going to see a lot of this in future projects. This project is on the intermediate to expert level of crochet, as it's working in the round with a stiff fabric yarn. Follow my DIY OlyFun Yarn tutorial to make the yarn. Regular OlyFun is available in 18 colors. I used 6 colors to crochet this Rainbow Striped Crossbody Bag. While the crocheted projects take up a lot of fabric, they still come out cheaper and more sturdy than regular yarn. If you want to challenge your crochet skills, make some yarn with OlyFun and break out your big hooks.

I'm currently working on another OlyFun crocheted project for Valentine's Day, and a OlyFun tassel banner to change out my mantle decor. I'm a Master Maker for Fairfield World. They provide me with all the OlyFun and pay me for my projects. I design all the projects to my style, using good products, and write tutorials in the most simplified way possible. I'll be getting back to sharing artwork on here soon. I got away from that over the last couple years, while I figured my art style. There probably won't be tutorials for all of them. SURPRISE! I counted that I wrote between 60-80 tutorials last year, which is a huge increase for me. I'm scaling that back this year, but providing a change in content, so it's a win win for me! And, maybe for you, if you're missing my fashion week posts and other things I used to write. "Don't work harder. Work smarter." is my new motto for this year.


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