HOLIDAY DIY: Wooden Winter Wonderland Porch Decor

Are you scrambling to get the house ready for holiday guests? In need of festive porch decor that isn't the same traditional boring look that all your neighbors have? Then you need my Wood Winter Wonderland Porch Decor! Head to Walnut Hollow to learn how I made all of these pieces, using DecoArt paints. You can make it porch covering, like I did, or pick your favorite pieces to make yourself. This all being said, you're not going to hurt my feelings, if you prefer traditional decor. I love bright colors and a different take on traditional home decor. Either way, it's a good project to keep the kids busy and make them feel like they contributed something to the celebrations. Whatever you make this holiday season, have fun with it!

Walnut Hollow and DecoArt provided me with their products for this project. Walnut Hollow paid me to create this project. The project was designed by me. It is currently still outside without me remembering to change the date...which I knew would happen. Hahaha!!!


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