HOLIDAY DIY: Vintage Inspired Wood Ornaments on Walnut Hollow

I enjoy making Christmas ornaments, vs buying ready made ones. I have several new ornament tutorials planned to share before Christmas. For the 1st in this series, I made some Vintage Inspired Wood Ornaments for Walnut Hollow. These use wood plaques and a Creative Versa Tool from Walnut Hollow, which they provided me with. I used my favorite watercolor palette from Michaels to paint the vivid colors, and acrylic paint for the metallic accents. I was inspired by 1950s vintage glass ornaments. I love kitschy decor from the 50s and 60s especially. You'll see more of that influence in other ornament tutorials...and well many of my other tutorials too. Anywho, head over to Walnut Hollow to make these wood ornaments!

I'm a blogger for Walnut Hollow. They provided me with their products at my request. Walnut Hollow paid me to create a tutorial showing how to use their products. All other materials were purchased by me. 


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