HOLIDAY DIY: OlyFun Christmas Pickle

Christmas has arrived! One of my favorite ornaments and traditions is hiding a Christmas pickle on our tree. While the existence of the Christmas pickle story might be German folklore or a marketing scheme, it's still a fun game. You hid it in the tree branches, close to the trunk. The child who finds the Christmas pickle gets a small prize. I have a cheap dollar store pickle ornament, that many people have. I've been determined to have all handmade ornaments, and not purchase more mass made ornaments if I can. I even made Colorful Handpainted OlyFun Rainbow Garland this year!

I designed a Christmas pickle project using OlyFun, and basic sewing skills, which were perfect for my tween daughter to make. She has some hand sewing experience. I drew the pattern and gave her my instructions, but she did the rest! OlyFun doesn't fray, cuts like paper, and is easy to sew through, making it perfect for beginner sewers and small stuffed ornaments.

Some of these links are Amazon Affiliate links. Any purchases using the Amazon links, will result in Amazon paying me a small fee. The other links are to Fairfield World, for their products, just for your reference. Many Fairfield World/Processing products can be purchased at JoAnn, Hancock, and Wal-Mart. The linked ones may not be available there, hence why I'm linking to them. Fairfield World provided me with the OlyFun and PolyFil for this project, because I'm a Master Maker.
This is for Christmas Pickle shape reference. This is not to scale or the exact pattern I used. You can draw on by hand on paper if you prefer.


1) Print or draw a Christmas pickle pattern. Cut out the pattern with paper scissors.

2) Trace the pickle onto Clover OlyFun twice. Cut out the pickles and a strip 1/4" wide by 6" long.

3) Stack the two pickle pieces, lining up the edges. Fold the long piece over, creating a hanging loop. Sandwich the loop ends between the pickle pieces, at the top.

4) Thread a hand sewing needle with a long piece of green thread. Match the thread ends together. Overhand knot them together twice. Straight or running stitch around the pickle, making your stitches as even as possible. Do this twice, filling in the stitch gaps on the 2nd time around. Alternatively, if you are good at sewing curves on a machine, you can machine sew this project.

5) Leave a 2"-3" gap along the side towards the bottom. This leave access to stuff the ornament.

6) Pull off some Crafter's Choice PolyFil from the clump in the bag. Stuff the ornament a little at a time. If you can't get to the end with your fingers, I find a chopstick to be handy. If you don't have a chopstick, a straw, pencil or pen bottom will work too. Stuff it completely. You want it to still be squishy, not hard.

7) Hand stitch the opening, with the same straight stitches. Knot off your thread on a previous stitch, and cut the excess thread.

8) Now for the pickle bumps...that's a term right? Shake the green puffy paint, to mix it well. Tap the tip down on a paper plate. Remove the cap. Make a few test dots on the plate, so you get the hang of making them evenly. Make dots on the ornament front. The amount is up to you. This paint takes 2-4 hours to completely dry. I recommend letting it dry overnight, before handling it.

9) When the ornament is dry, it should look similar to my daughter's finished Christmas pickle.

That's all for this ornament. Need more ornament ideas for last minute gifts or something the keep your visiting relatives busy and quiet? Check out my Holiday Tutorials. I normally write more here, but I'm late for Christmas brunch at my parents' and brother's house!!! Have a fantastic day, whether you celebrate Christmas or not. Go see a movie and eat Chinese food if that makes you happy! Take a long nap through a yearly parade. That seems like a lovely day! Happy holidays and makery!


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