HOLIDAY DIY: Modern Painted Cube Ornament

I've been collecting paper ornaments to turn into artsy ornaments for my tree. Many of them are super easy to make. I wanted to crank out a bunch, before Christmas, so you could make them too if so desired. These paper ornaments are very inexpensive, especially when most craft stores have them in sale since shortly after they were stocked...also coupons are handy. Michaels expanded their shapes, so a grabbed a few funky ones to play with. This cube one craved to be painted like some cheap modern art. I've been playing with color a lot lately, but chose to alter the color values a bit for something softer. You could do this with less colors or monochrome, but I recommend choosing 5 shades, plus a metallic for a bit of interest and shine. I used the DecoArt Americana acrylic paint I had on hand, that they sent me. Since I'm waiting for my next box to arrive with metallics and other colors, I used a random gold acrylic paint.

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1) With a wide flat paintbrush, evenly coat the paper cube with DecoArt Media Gesso. I went around the sides and top, letting them dry, before coating the bottom. Let the ornament dry. Repeat painting on gesso, for an opaque finish.

2) I mixed the paint colors on the paper plate, to get lighter shades.

  • Carousel Pink + Titanium White = Light pink
  • Bright Orange + Titanium White = Peach
  • Bright Yellow + Titanium White = Light yellow
  • Festive Green + Turquoise Blue + Titanium White = Pale mint green
  • Turquoise Blue + Titanium White = Light blue

3) Using a small flat paintbrush, the mixed colors and metallic, paint different sized rectangles on the paper ornament, working in a grid. This doesn't have to be perfect. Let the 1st coat dry. Add more coats if needed. Again, work on a few sides at a time, letting them completely dry before turning over the ornament to complete the painting.

4) Let the ornament completely dry before hanging or gifting.

That's all for this tutorial. Short and sweet, sort of like how this year has been. Like I always say, you can change up the colors, and I will not care. It's your ornament, not mine. I have a bunch more ornament tutorials coming up. I've been busy, and you seem to like when I get myself together and post things semi-regularly. I have enjoyed posting less here, and working on other sites too. I like to keep my brain and ideas as fresh as possible, vs rehashing the same old crap into boredom territory. Anywho, have a fantastic Wednesday. Make cool things!


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