HAIR ACCESSORY DIY: Metallic OlyFun New Year's Eve Headband

Today is New Year's Eve, which always makes me think of lavish parties, glitter, and metallics. Tonight, we're relaxing at home, out of the way of crowds of revelers, and safe with our daughter. Using gold, silver, and rose gold Metallic OlyFun, Adhesive Technologies Two-Temperature Full Size Cordless Glue Gun and hot glue, flat back gems, and a headband blank, I made a quick no-sew headband for our daughter. While I had NYE in mind, this headband can be worn year round for any special event. I'm sure I can convince her to wear it Saturday for her best friend's Bat Mitzvah party. Make your own Metallic OlyFun New Year's Eve Headband over at Fairfield World.

I'm a Master Maker for Fairfield World. They supply me with OlyFun and pay me to create projects. Adhesive Technologies (AdTech) partnered with Fairfield World to provide us with awesome hot glue guns and hot glues. The one I used is very nice and the glue is clear, but any low-temp gun will work. I only use products that I like. 


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