WOOD DIY: Woodburned Vampire Bat Box on Walnut Hollow

Halloween is weeks away, and I'm hitting panic mode on costumes. You probably are too. To distract you from that freak out, I made a Woodburned Vampire Bat Box on Walnut Hollow. This is great for holding those creepy costume accessories, or other coveted treasures...black lipstick and fake blood. Those are treasures right? If you're not great at woodburning, you could do this project with all paint. Woodburning gives the bat fine details that paint can't on the rough surface of the bat sign. Also, if you don't need a box, you could make a bevy of little bats to decorate your porch or home. Sure to scare the trick or treater and amaze their parents.

A little Beetlejuice tribute inside! What's Halloween without the ghost with the most. Sandworms, right? They get you every time.
I'm a blogger and influencer for Walnut Hollow. I create projects for them using their products, and companies I'm partnered with. Walnut Hollow provided me with the wood and woodburned tool for this project. DecoArt provided me with some paint. Everything else is from my own stash. Walnut Hollow paid me to create this tutorial. Ok, enough disclosing. Happy Halloween!


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