HOME DECOR DIY: Geometric Woodburned Basswood Round Trivet for Walnut Hollow

I've been working on more home decor project lately, to expand my tutorial range and make my home more fabulous. On Walnut Hollow, I made this Geometric Woodburned Basswood Round Trivet, which I'm giving to my party throwing momma. There is a video tutorial for this project! So much nicer than just photos!!! I created a geometric design with bright colors, but you could do any design and colors. The paint is from a Artist's Loft Fundamentals Watercolor Pan Set ($5 at Michaels) and DecoArt Fluid Media Metallic Acrylics in Silver. For watercolor paint, this tube form and this pearl form will probably be good too. Same price, but different quality...tube is richer and pearl is shiny. I used an extra large Walnut Hollow Basswood Country Round. The rounds come in various sizes, making them great for different trivets. If you don't know what a trivet is, they're those flat wood things that goes under hot food containers on a table. They prevent the table from being scorched. These are also great as chargers...decorative things that go on a placemat and under the plate your food is on. More decorative than practical for that use. This wood burns like a hot knife through butter...very smooth. I used two woodburning tips, but the line has many to choose from, including letters, numbers and symbols. I'll play with those soon in another table decor project. Getting ready for the holiday season in style!

What? A video tutorial showing how I did this intricate project! Winner! Go watch this video and make beautiful things!

I'm a blogger for Walnut Hollow. Walnut Hollow and DecoArt supplied with their products for this and other projects. Walnut Hollow paid me for this project. Wood smells lovely when burned. Sorry trees!


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