COSTUME: Jafar from Disney's "Aladdin"

This is my costume take on Jafar from Disney's "Aladdin" movies. His costume has many layers. I simplified them for easier wear. You'll need a black v-neck maxi dress over a red v-neck long sleeve shirt. If you're in a colder climate and can find a red bell sleeved top, use that over a black long sleeve v-neck shirt. Over the dress you need a red wide belt or cummerbund. If you can find a black and red reversible cape with a collar, that would finish off the clothing portion of this costume. For shoes, his are brown and curl up. This isn't a practical Halloween costume brown flats will be fine. Bonus if you have pointed toe flats. The turban trend comes in handy here. You need a black one. Add gold stripes and a red feather (which I couldn't find a good image for) to finish off Jafar's turban. If you like props and can find a gold snake head cane, that will finish off the costume. Otherwise a regular cane or gold snake bracelet will do fine. Bonus, carry around a stuffed Iago, his traitor parrot.

For makeup, bold eyebrows are a must. Since this is a lady version, skip the facial hair. For eyes, something smokey and mysterious looking with eyeliner all around the eyes. Lips are neutral, so a pink or nude color will be fine. While he technically doesn't have painted nails, some black polish will make your fingers stand out as you point at and curse people. Have a blast this Halloween being whoever you chose!


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