COSTUME DIY: OlyFun Black Bird Mask

If you're all grown up like me, you might have some awesome Halloween party to attend...or at least want to wear something neat while handing out candy in your pjs. My black bird mask has you covered. I made it my soul...ok because I wanted to capture the look of a raven for a recent Edgar Allan Poe themed party. You could make it colorful, sparkly, or whatever combo you want. This mask it's about perfection. Most of your stitches will be hidden. You just have to be neat around the eyes and nose. I used OlyFun from Fairfield World, because I'm one of their Master Makers, I have a lot of OlyFun they sent me, and it's perfect for this project. OlyFun is lightweight, doesn't fray, cuts like paper, and has enough stability to add dimension to this type of project. Head to Fairfield World to make your own OlyFun Black Bird Mask.


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