COSTUME: Cruella De Vil

I can't have Halloween on here without more costume ideas! For this year, I'm picking a few of my favorite Disney villains! For my 1st villain, I chose Cruella De Vil, the puppy hunting fashion designer in Disney's 101 Dalmatians and 102 Dalmatians. There are a few variations on this character. I created a modern version. Most ladies will have a LBD (Little Black Dress) in their wardrobe. If you don't, you need one. It's that perfect black dress that makes you feel gorgeous. I chose red heels to match the character, but black heels, flats or boots would work well too. A black and white wig is a must. The rest is a fuzzy black and/or white coat...faux is best, and coordinating accessories. Dalmatian bag! The makeup is classic with a bold red lip. I threw in the black and white polish for fun, but red would look great would no polish if you're like me and can't seem to keep fingernail polish from chipping quickly! Quick costuming is about working with your existing wardrobe and building on it. Doesn't have to be expensive, just inventive. Remember, whoever you choose to become this Halloween, have fun and make awesome memories!


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