JEWELRY DIY: Tickets to the Movies Stamped Wood Necklace

Over on the ClearSnap blog, I made a DIY Tickets to the Movies Stamped Wood Necklace. I've been making jewelry out of wood for about 2 years. I love the weight, smell, and texture of wood, so I work with it as often as possible. For this necklace, I was inspired by classic movies and color contrast. This necklace is a mix of painting, stamping, drilling, and wire wrapping...which honestly, are skills that any crafter can learn to do, if they don't already have those skills. While I used a movie theme, you can use any basic stamps and color combos to create your own wood statement necklace.

I'm a blogger for ClearSnap. They provided the inks and embossing powder for this project. All other supplies were purchased by me. I only make and share projects I love.


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