JEWELRY DIY: Graphic 45 Rare Oddities Hexagon Paper Necklace

Over on ClearSnap, I made a Hexagon Paper Necklace using the Graphic 45 Rare Oddities collection, paper punch, inks, embossing, papers, and Mod Podge. This a huge statement necklace, which can be scaled down with smaller punches. I love this contrast of black, white, and cream. I'm into typography lately, so I combined that with anatomy and nature for a dark themed necklace. It's perfect for Halloween or someone who enjoys a darker style. This concept would be great in other colors, metallics and imagery, for other holidays or styles. Using a hexagon paper punch makes certain the geometric pieces will fit together perfectly. It's one of the more tricky shapes to get symmetrical by hand, so the punch is a great solution for consistency.

I'll be creating projects for ClearSnap a few times a month, as part of their design team. They provide me with their products and any materials from people they collaborate with. I make project true to my style, to show that these products can be used for other things that just scrapbooking and card making. Let it be known, those are two crafts I've never been interested in, but am not immune to creating should I be challenged to the task.


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