HOLIDAY: 100 DIY Halloween Costumes Blog Hop

It's that time of year again where we obsess over what Halloween costume we're wearing to which party and competition...or what accessory to throw on while answering the door with a half eaten bowl of candy. We're here to help you with 100 DIY Costumes to choose from! From cute, goofy, pretty, and spooky, we have your costume needs covered. Get into the Halloween spirit and make your own costume!!! I have 3 costumes and 2 skull makeups included in this blog hop. If 100 costumes aren't enough options, check out my growing list of costume ideas. Often I throw together costumes out of my closet of wacky (and normal) clothing and accessories. If you don't have a strange wardrobe like mine, head to the thrift store and creatively combine pieces until you get a costume. Add some DIY costume accessories and boom! You'll have an awesome costume sure to make your Halloween more interesting! Whatever you choose to dress as this Halloween, have fun creating your costume! Happy Makery!


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