COSTUME DIY: No-Sew OlyFun Spider Web Caplet for Halloween

I love making costumes year round, but especially for Halloween. Over on Fairfield World is my DIY No-Sew OlyFun Spider Web Cape. This costume piece is great for last minute costume parties, work, or school. It can be made into a fluffy skirt topper. It's made in a circle from 1.25 yards of Jet Black OlyFun. It would look great in Snow White OlyFun too. I'll be working on more costume tutorials in September and October, using OlyFun. Scary, geeky, and fantasy, to round things out!

I am a Master Maker for Fairfield World. They supplied me with the OlyFun to create this capelet. They paid me to create the tutorial. I always like to cross-post about the projects I make for other companies, because it's the same style I would make for my own blog.


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