MAKEUP DIY: Temporary Watercolor Body Art Feather Tattoo for Clearsnap

I started guest blogging for Clearsnap, this month. For my 1st project, I drew a temporary watercolor body art feather tattoo on my daughter's arm. I was challenged to use the NCAA body writers, which are licensed for various colleges, for students to show school spirit on their bodies. Clearsnap provided me with the requested Body Writers. Expect more Clearsnap projects over the next 3 months, and hopefully longer. I went to an art college without sports teams, but I can appreciate the enthusiasm for sports and fandom. As a tattooed lady, I enjoy seeing tattoo trends. The abstract watercolor tattoos are a personal favorite, as I'm really into modern painterly styles lately. If you don't want to get this trend permanently on your body, using these body writers and liquid eyeliner, is a great way of joining in for a little while. You could add some body glitter too, for a bit of the metallic trend. Head over to Clearsnap to learn how I created this temporary body art!


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