HOME DECOR DIY: Faux Metal Finish Wood Letter for ClearSnap

I've been really into wood and typography letters lately. ClearSnap sent me a box of goodies, because I'm currently a Guest Blogger. There were a lot of ColorBox metallic pigment inks by Teresa Collins, which made me think of faux metal finishes. I bought a cheap wood letter and got to work combining the products for a faux metal and textured home decor wood initial. This works really well with my mantle decor, which is a mix of textures, metallics, metals, and glass.


1) Stamp the ColorBox® Archival Dye pad in Wicked Black all over the top of the wood letter. Try to blend the pad edges, so they don't show. The coverage is close to full, but with some wood peeking through. This MDF letter has a low texture, which adds interest.

2) Snap a stylus blender foam stamp onto a stylus handle. Load a stylus blender foam with Gold Shine. Stamp the pigment ink on different sections of the letter, blending the color so it's heavy to light.

3) Remove the two ColorBox® Mini Molding Mats from the Blending Kit. Use Glitz Gold with the hexagon mat and Platinum Silver with the brick mat. Press the mat onto the pad. Press onto the wood. Overlap the patterns and colors as desired.

4) Lay a sheet of paper(not shown here), under the letter. Snap a clean stylus blender foam stamp onto a stylus handle. Load the stylus blender foam with embossing ink. Stamp the embossing ink on the dark areas, blending the edges. Sprinkle clear embossing powder on the embossing inked sections. Tap off any excess powder onto the paper. Fold the paper in half carefully shifting the excess powder to the center. Pour the excess back into the jar. If you have a small bottle of embossing powder, use the funnel in the bottle opening, when pouring the powder back into the bottle.

5) Melt the embossing powder and set the pigment ink with the heat gun. I have an industrial heat gun, which I set to 650. It's similar to a very hot hair dryer, so don't blow it on your skin!

6) Lightly stamp Platinum Silver over the embossed sections, to define the texture. Rub it over the embossing to keep the color at the top.

7) Remove a ColorBox® Art Dauber from the Blending Kit. Load it with Loft Black. Stamp the wood letter edges black. Leave some wood color showing. Set it with the heat gun again.

That's all for this tutorial. If you prefer colors, you can mix those instead. For the colors to pop, use a light background. I like dark grungy combos for metals, and light and bright for colors. I'll be Guest Blogging on ClearSnap through October, so head over there to see everything I'm making for them. Lots of collabs with other companies, infusing my style with products you don't see me use often. Changing it up and surprising you...or something. What ever you make, have fun with it. Happy Makery!


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