SEWING DIY: OlyFun Paint Splatter Play Mat

Over on Fairfield World, I made this OlyFun Paint Splatter Play Mat, for the messy kid in your life. This is an abstract project, taking advantage of OlyFun not fraying like traditional fabric. No hemming needed! I used my freehand embroidery foot on my sewing machine, to sew on the paint splatter. This foot allows me to draw with thread, which adds to the artistic vibe of the play mat. I chose a bright palette from the 18 available OlyFun colors. Head over to Fairfield World to make your own abstract artsy play mat using OlyFun!

I'm a Master Maker for Fairfield World. They provided with me with the OlyFun and paid me to make this project. The concept, work, instructions, and photos are my own.


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