LIFE UPDATE: June Edition

I've been on a mini hiatus, to work on some personal projects and catch up on life. I haven't been in the mood to write more tutorials than the bare minimum. I have a long list of projects, separated up into which site they are for, of which I can swap around at will. Sometimes, I stare at it, am unenthused, and decide to watch Bones on Netflix instead. Some life updates, last month, Alex got off school for the summer, I turned 35, my beloved great aunt Fran passed away, and I broke a toe (a few days ago). I know, half bummers, which has affected my motivation greatly, but it's been faltering for months as I deal with life in general. I don't feel like this is the place to discuss my emotional well being. If you don't see posts very often, know that I'm quietly handling some stuff that I don't want publically discuss, but I haven't forgotten about my blog...or the others I work for...because that's 3 now, I think. So, that last bit is a good part.

My band League of Space Pirates has been busy working on the 2nd spaceship set for our Live From Space show. I've been documenting the progress of that on my personal FB and my public Instagram. I should share those photos here too, so I'll work on rectifying that when I feel like it. I've been taking a lot of abstract, art, and nature photos lately, which has increased my Instagram followers a lot. I changed what kind of photos I was taking...aka, less cats and more art. I documented the scenery of our trip to Tennessee to see my relatives for my great aunt's funeral. These travel photos surprisingly were well received, and I've been on a roll since then, incorporating abstract and art/project photos too. Follow me on Instagram, at Crafty Lady Abby, to see what I'm making, photographing, and documenting. Here are some of my favorites.

We need more road trips past the East Coast. Father's Day Wood Burned USA Road Trip Map @walnuthollow #cre8time #DIY #create #make #woodburning #wood #pyrography #paint #watercolor #travel #roadtrip #map
A photo posted by Abby Davis (@craftyladyabby) on

A photo posted by Abby Davis (@craftyladyabby) on
Today is 4th of July, which is my couple anniversary with my husband. Aka, remembering the day I got him drunk, made out with him, and drove his busted windshield car to see fireworks together. I think I even spent the night, but in a non-sexual, we were just tired sort of way. 14 years later, we're still together and goofy...perhaps more goofy because of that 12 year old girl we live with...our daughter Alex. Romantic, I know! Anyway, we are off to have smexy lunch at Maggiano's, because anniversary, and they have delicious food. Then, we are going to see fireworks out in the country, where the city lights aren't so bright, but the fireworks are extra bright and big!


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