FALL 2015 COUTURE: Viktor and Rolf

Viktor and Rolf's Fall 2015 Couture collection gives us a literal interpretation that fashion is art. I've always been intrigued by their work. Their couture collections are where they explore construction and the artistry of creations. There are many artforms, and clothing is one of the most collected and utilized. Though often couture is impractical, it's a way to showcase your skills in a dramatic display. This collection is comprised of wearable pieces that are constructed to hang on wall, harking to the most classic of art forms, painting. The inspiration uses impressionistic and abstract artwork. Given the surreal concept of a melted or broken framed oil painting, these artistic choices are fitting. While these might not we wearable in the traditional sense, I can see this collection being redesigned for ready to wear. Printed dresses, skirts, and jackets with the impressionist artwork and gold frame borders, in pleated silhouettes. Something softer and more wearable with a nod to the original vision. To fully appreciate the craftsmanship of this work, I encourage you to watch the runway video below the collage.

To fully appreciate their vision, you must watch their presentation.


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