HAIR ACCESSORY DIY: Printed OlyFun Feather Headband

Plaid Crafts sent me their Fabric Creations line, so I've been busy playing with it on OlyFun. Using their Feather and Indian Leaf stamps and fabric ink, I printed the OlyFun to create this headband. It also features my friend Kellie DeFries' Crystal Kubaton tool, that I got at CHA 2015, and a couple Beacon Adhesives. OlyFun is the perfect fabric for lightweight oversized projects. It cuts like paper and doesn't fray, making it great for intricate cutting. I've been experimenting with glues and OlyFun. I found hot glue, Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac and Gem-Tac work the best. Head over to Fairfield World to make my DIY Printed OlyFun Feather Headband.


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