JEWELRY DIY: Oly*Fun Nursing Necklace

This Oly*Fun Nursing Necklace is great for breast or bottle feeding babies. The length rests at bust level. Have a baby safe necklace to focus on while feeding, helps the babies feed longer and better. Oly*Fun is a durable fabric that will hold up to baby handling. This style necklace slips over the wearer's head, because when one arm is holding a baby, the other arm can't manage a clasp, but rather a bottle. Oly*Fun comes in 18 colors, so this necklace can be made in many color combos. I might redo this design, stuffing the "beads" with polyfil and pellets, so it's squishier and lighter. This is a great beginner sewing project for both machine and hand sewing. Head to Fairfield World's new website to make this DIY Oly*Fun Nursing Necklace.


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