HOME DECOR DIY: Waves Spring Outdoor Flag

I made this Spring outdoor flag inspired by ocean waves...perhaps somewhere tropical. I used Oly*Fun instead of traditional ripstop fabric, because Oly*Fun is durable, doesn't fray, and cuts easily like paper. When I was a teenager, my mom made an awesome abstract flag using instructions she'd seen on Martha Stewart, which is what I found out when I was researching how to make a flag...like a real flag with sewing...not hot glue and burlap. I said it...can the burlap trend end please! Let's replace that with a far superior fabric...Oly*Fun...shameless promotion. Anyway, there is a complete lack of real flag making tutorials online, and I'm here to fix that. Also, I'm totally giving credit to the mistress of crafts, Martha, for knowing how to sew this flag. This is an intermediate project, as you have to be one with your machine and capable of easily sewing waving curves. Head over to Fairfield World's new website to see all the instructions for making my DIY Waves Spring Outdoor Flag.


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