CRAFT HAUL: Tomorrow's Unknown Large Mystery Destash Unboxing

Recently, I saw that Heather Mann from Dollar Store Crafts, had done an unboxing of her mystery destash box from Tomorrow's Unknown. Her box was packed full of great supplies, so I ordered a large box. Tomorrow's Unknown is a supply company that I've ordered unusual cameos and settings from in the past. I knew they had other supplies too. I was curious about what I'd get, so I forked over the $55 for the large box, which included shipping. I received a lot of great supplies for jewelry, hair accessories and other projects. I don't plan on using any of it right away, as I like to design projects around the supplies. I want to paint some of the cameos and metal pieces for sure, but the rest is a mystery for now. To see what's inside my mystery box, watch my video below.


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