UPCYCLED FASHION: Crocheted Clothing from Afghans by Lord von Schmitt

This crocheted clothing is upcycled from old afghans by artist Lord von Schmitt. There is a high kitch factor with these designs. With the winter being so cold, this clothing looks like the perfect thing to warm the wearer. I'm a big fan of upcycling old things into wearable items, and vintage things. Though this might not be the fashion for everyone, it's a unique piece for an artistic wardrobe. The pieces can be custom made to the color and pattern requests of the buyer. I'm digging the granny squares cardigan. That's the perfect combo of grandma chic. Paired with a long lush dress, granny boots, long pendants, and a big hat, it makes a cozy eclectic look. To see their wacky custom creations, check out their Facebook page. You can put in your custom order in their Etsy shop.


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