FURNITURE DIY: Faux Metal Nightstand with Mod Podge Furniture

My old thrifted nightstands got a much needed makeover with Mod Podge Furniture. I went with a hers and his concept, though they still coordinate. You could make yours matching. I wanted to test out the new Mod Podge Furniture finishes. I used Gloss for this silver table. I used Matte for a faux leather version. You can see my review of the 3 finishes, gloss, matte, and satin, over on Craft Test Dummies. I did this project a couple months ago, and the finish is holding up well to regular use.

CRAFT LEVEL: Beginner, this is basic decoupaging, but with a layer of glitter.

COST: About $20 - $30, depending on which supplies you already have on hand, and how big your furniture piece is. The cost can go up with bigger furniture pieces. I received the Mod Podge Furniture Gloss to review, and had everything else on hand, so this was a free project for me...well under $5 for amount of materials used.

TIME: Weekend project - There is lots of drying time from multiple layers

DISCLOSURE: I use Amazon affiliate links for some of the supplies. If you purchase supplies through these links, I will receive a small compensation. I received the three Mod Podge Furniture finishes for the purpose of a review on Craft Test Dummies. All photos, commentary and projects are my own.

  • An old wood nightstand - Mine were $8 each from Goodwill. Check thrift stores and yard sales for furniture, if you don't already have a piece to makeover
  • Mod Podge Furniture - I used Gloss for the silver nightstand and Matte for the black nightstand. It also comes in Satin
  • Small foam or soft bristle brush - If you go the foam brush route, you might need several. The regular brush will probably hold up well
  • Silver wrapping paper - Should be easy around the winter holidays
  • Scissors
  • Silver Glitter - I used both chunky and fine glitters. Cheap glitters work great
  • Black acrylic paint - House paint might hold better, but black spray paint is an option too. There are several new home decor paints available...for which I'll be trying out on a dresser project.
  • Newspaper - Keep sheets of newspaper under and around the nightstand while you are working on it. They will catch paint, glue, sanding dust, and glitter. Change the sheets out as needed
  • Sandpaper (optional)

1) If you have a shiny nightstand, you need to sand it where you are adding paper and paint. This is best done outside, since sanding dust is fine and gets over everything. A Medium to fine grit sandpaper should do the trick to rough up the surface enough for the Mod Podge and paint to grip well. Wipe down the nightstand with a damp paper towel to remove any dust. Dry the nightstand with dry paper towels.

2) If you want parts of your nightstand to be a solid paint color and not papered, paint them well. A good home decor paint won't need to be sealed. I used acrylic, because I had that on hand, but I'll be repainting my nightstand's legs with home decor paint later. Let it dry completely.

TIP: If you are a messy painter, do this part outside. Otherwise, put layers of newspaper under the nightstand to catch any drips.

3) Cut some of the silver wrapping paper into 5" x 5" squares and long thin strips. I used the squares for the table tops, cutting some smaller ones to fit around the legs and small areas. The strips were used for the sides.

4) With a paint brush, apply a thin layer of Mod Podge Furniture Gloss to a section of table top. Lay a piece of wrapping paper, shiny side up, onto the glued section. Smooth out with the paintbrush from the center out, removing any air bubbles. Repeat for the everywhere you want the silver paper, including any edges. Cut smaller pieces for any gaps or small areas. My table has lifted section. I papered all around the vertical panels. Wrap any edges, making sure to glue them well. Let dry.

5) Seal the papered areas with an even coat of Mod Podge Furniture Gloss. While it's wet, sprinkle silver glitter lightly onto the table top. (You can do it chunkier if desired...which I accidentally did in some areas) I used chunky and fine. This will give it the look of antique mirror or distressed metal. Let it dry completely.

TIP: Make sure to wash your brush immediately after you're done using it, or the Mod Podge will stay in the bristles and ruin your brush. This is speaking from much experience.

6) Seal the papered areas with 2-3 coats of Mod Podge Furniture Gloss, letting the coats completely dry in between.

I used silver wrapping paper, but you could use other metallic colors. Post-Christmas, you might still be able to find some lingering in big box stores on clearance. Otherwise, most big box stores carry metallic wrapping paper year round in the gift wrap sections. I didn't use much, so one roll can go a long way for many projects. If you don't want to commit to a piece of furniture, you could use this same technique for other home decor projects...frames, boxes, shelves, jewelry...etc. You crafty people can always come up with a use for these basic techniques, in your own spaces. Whatever you use it for, have fun. Happy Makery!

PS: In case you are curious, the two books shown on my nightstand are Richmond Macabre: Nightmares from the River City (A book of fictional horror stories taking place in Richmond, VA. Cover artwork is by my friend, Noah Scalin) and Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution (a biography).


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