ARTWORK: Omar Rayyan

A few months ago I came across the artwork of Omar Rayyan. He's a fantasy artist that uses classic artwork as a reference for whimsical fantasy artwork. The talent and attention to detail is incredible. I recently purchased 5 of his prints. It was hard to narrow down my favorites to just 5. I choose 5 because he has a buy 4, get a 5th free deal on various sizes of prints. It was too good to pass up. Here are the ones I choose. Please check out his Etsy shop Studio Rayyan, Facebook page, and Website.

This was one of the 1st pieces I saw that instantly attracted me to his work. This had been sitting in my shopping cart for a good year until I finally bought it. There is something charming that reminds me of how my daughter holds and adores our large cat Pippi. Pippi can be sweet, but she can also be a biting monster when she wants to be...but never with Alex. 

This was the 2nd piece I saw, which sat in my shopping cart with the other one. There is just something about the old world style mixed with the dolled up monsters that draws me in. It's such a weird combo that I needed it! This reminds me of myself, that weird little girl who grew up loving spooky things and was never normal.

I know squids and octopuses have been very popular the last few years, with the overuse in Steampunk culture. I love water creatures. When I was a little girl (heck, still now) I would swim at the bottom of the pool pretending I was a mermaid. I love going to the beach. There is something calming and enchanting about the water.

If you've known me a while, you might know that I'm a bit obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. My favorite part is when they play croquet, probably because I used to play it as a child with my family. Granted there were no flamingos, cards, and hedgehogs, and we all kept our heads. I might explain my attraction to Alice in Wonderland more in depth eventually. It's sort of a private attachment, but who knows. My other favorite part is the tea party. I used to have those often alone as a child...being the only girl...and I collect tea sets. Aside from that, I like this brunette Alice, as my hair is naturally this color.

A lot of people know I love skulls and anatomy, but what they don't know is that love started with dinosaurs. My favorite dinosaur is that Pterodactyl flying in the background, with my 2nd being Triceratops. I already explained my love of tea parties. I'm also rather fond of adventure stories. Historical expeditions, no matter how inaccurate. Indiana Jones...swoon. I'll hold off the snakes for you. One of my adventure goals is digging for dinosaurs. Someone help me make that happen!

These are the ones I choose, but I'm also fond of several other....which I might add to my collection in the future. I also bought art from a couple other artists, so look out for posts about them when the prints arrive.


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