YEAR IN REVIEW: Top 14 Tutorials of 2014

I've created a lot of tutorials this year for my blog, Fairfield World and Craft Test Dummies. These are the top 14 tutorials of 2014 on my blog. I don't have a way of tracking them on collaborative sites. On with the show!

14. Basic Pendant
This basic jewelry tutorial is a great base for many jewelry projects.

13. Beaded Applique Fascinator
This is a great way to make a fancy fascinator by using a beaded applique and some basic sewing skills.

12. Ombre Lips with NYX Macaroon Lippies
This is my 1st real makeup tutorial and beauty product review.

11. Lace Applique Cuff
Using a lace applique and some basic jewelry skills, a cuff was born!

10. Lace Applique Necklace
Same goes for this necklace. I have to figure out where I put these two pieces, so they can get worn!

9. Striped Bow with OlyFun
This was my 1st tutorial for Fairfield World, which lead to being on their design team.

8. Makeup Brush Roll
This was part of a handmade gifts blog hop, so it got a lot of traffic. It is the 1st more advanced sewing tutorial I created for my blog.

7. Faux Leather Tissue Paper Treatment
This treatment became something I used for several projects throughout the year.

6. Miniatures Pendant Necklaces
Another basic jewelry making tutorial. I need to wear these more often, but the sewing machine and tray have been worn a few times.

5. Jem and the Holograms Earrings
Did this movie ever come out? Something tells me no. Either way, these earrings are still totally outrageous!

4. Faux Geode Jewelry
This was my 1st tutorial in collaboration with Craft Test Dummies. That partnership has worked out well, as I'm attending CHA next week with the Craft Test Dummies team. 

3. Pop Art Bag
This bag was very POPular. It's pretty fabulous if I do say myself.

2. Weeping Angel Costume
I was pleasantly surprised at how popular my daughter's Halloween costume was both online and in person. She had a blast wearing it and getting lots of positive feedback.

1. Glitter Kitty Cat Flats
My 1st tutorial of 2014 was my most viewed of 2014. It helps that it was featured on Make and Dollar Store Crafts. I hope lots of people made these! Shoe tutorials always seem to be popular, so perhaps I should do more of those.

I hope to collaborate with more companies to bring you all a bigger variety of tutorials. It's been a wonderfully creative year, which set me on a path to make this a real lifetime career. I hope you all had a successful year doing what you love. Happy Makery!


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