TRENDS: Black and Gold

I've been seeing a lot of black and gold together, which has a very art deco feel to it even if it's not used in era designs. Though I primarily pull trends from fashion, they can be incorporated into other areas of design...home, gardens, crafts, and gifts. Both colors can be incorporated using fabrics, shimmer, paints, metals, glass, and paper. There are lots of products already available to achieve this classic combo. Printwise, anything goes...florals, stripes, geometrics, abstract, glitter, brushstrokes, etc. They are just colors, so they can be easily used in many existing motifs. Add some tan as a warm neutral, which looks beautiful with a rose gold. Gold comes in a wide spectrum. Cooler golds look great with grey. Yellow gold is great with black. Accessories and cosmetics are the easiest ways to add some gold to your look.


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