OUTFIT: New Year's Eve 2015

New Year's Eve is tomorrow! If you are attending a party, do so in style (well unless it's outdoors then dress to the weather and wear flat shoes). Gold is a traditional metal for NYE celebrations. Feel free to swap that out for your favorite metal or color. I don't have any plans, as most of my friends have young children and our daughter is old enough to enjoy celebrating with us. The new year is about new beginnings for many people. It's a precipice to start fresh when the clock strikes midnight and the next year has started. If you make resolutions, think about what stops you from doing those now. I've been pondering that a lot lately. What stops me from finishing the goals I'd set for myself this year. Granted, I've accomplished a good chunk of them, but man do those last few bug me. I have to show myself determination and what the end goal is. Don't let fear of failure hold you back from doing something you love. There are always circumstances that challenge us, but it's about how we overcome those challenges that matters. What is our personal perspective about ourselves? We know what we are capable of, but letting that blossom is often hard, as we are our greatest competition and analyst. Everyone scrutinizes their own decisions, sometimes to a level of self paranoia about things that aren't that serious. Can you tell I've been doing a lot of deep thinking lately? To conclude, write down your goals, no matter how wild they might seem. Then, write down some realistic steps to achieve those goals. When you do, you'll be surprised by how capable you are at succeeding at anything you set your mind to. Have a wonderful evening. See you in 2015!


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