MUSIC: Viktoria Modesta's "Prototype"

Viktoria Modesta is a bionic pop star, that recently debuted with her music video "Prototype". Born with a disability that eventually lead to the partial amputation of her left leg, she's embraced being different. She's not afraid to push the boundaries of what is socially normal for a pop star or person. Her music campaign is "Born Risky", implying that her life is about taking risks, and she's done well doing just that. Much like Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" campaign, she's encouraging other to accept what makes us unusual. To me, this is powerful. I've carved a niche out for myself being the weirdo I've long known I am. To succeed, you must embrace all aspects of yourself, and find power in that.

Despite a disability, Viktoria hasn't let that hold her back. She's often photographed wearing prosthetics that are works of art, encrusted in jewels. Her roots are based in the London underground fetish and gothic scenes, which are evident in her fashion choices. Her photographed clothing is full of fetish details...latex, vinyl, cut outs, corsetry, and restriction. Her body confidence is inspiring. These are not looks for insecurities. They display a confidence and power, showing she's capable of both looking and performing the part. Her prosthetic legs are like the fanciest boots you've ever seen. The showy ones are art pieces, both in how balanced they are for heels, and the intricate decorative design of them.

If you haven't see her debut video "Prototype", you can watch it below. 


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