HOLIDAY DIYS: 15 Ugly Christmas Clothing Projects

I grew up with my great aunt and grandmother (sisters) wearing tacky sweatshirts every Christmas. As a crafty person, I've always likes those sweatshirts. However, when I worked at a fancy department store, they always carried ugly Christmas sweaters. These were expensive sweaters and cardigans, covered in bells, sparkle and intricately knitted designs. I never really understood the appeal of those. I preferred the more lux options with beads, lace, and maybe snowflakes. Recently, there has been an embracing of the abundant Ugly Christmas Sweaters, and there are parties to wear these fashion atrocities. To make it better, there are a lot of great DIY projects from just a little tacky to over the top. For you all in need of a tacky Christmas outfit for your holiday festivities, here is a roundup of projects to inspire you. The tackier the better!

1) Erika Lindquist on I Love To Create - Glittered Christmas Tree Ugly Sweater
2) The Modern Austen - Festive Reindeer Sweatshirt
4) Pattie Wilkinson on I Love To Create - Ugly Tie Christmas Sweater
5) One Artsy Momma - Ugly Christmas Sweater
6) We Use Coupons - Tacky Sweater Situation
8) Really Awesome Costumes - Ugly Christmas Tree Sweater
9) Sew Woodsy - Baby's 1st Ugly Sweater
10) Simply Dream and Create - Tree Skirt into a Real Skirt
11) Cassie Stephens - Tree Skirt to Lady Skirt
12) Sarah Belle - Christmas Bow Skirt
13) Live Love DIY - Ugly Christmas Dress
14) Crazy in Crafts - Ugly Christmas Dress
15) Tiffany Style - Tacky Holiday Dress

I couldn't find many tutorials, but the internet is full of inspiration photos. The tackier the better, for the best ugly holiday outfit. I'd love to turn a vintage tree skirt into a wearable skirt. It would be perfect for our Christmas eve festivities. I hope what ever holiday you celebrate, that you have a wonderful time! Happy Makery!


  1. Those sweaters always remind me of the Bridget Jones books.


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