HOLIDAY DIY: Rainbow Snowflake Ornaments

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my rainbow snowflake ornaments as I was finished painting each one. Most Christmas crafts are in the traditional red, green, gold, silver, and white. Not mine! I prefer to brighten up my house with rainbow colors. Christmas should invoke cheer, and honestly, I don't see enough of that around the holidays...mostly grumpy people. If you saw my Pom Pom Christmas Tree Skirt and Rainbow Bead Garland tutorials, you noticed an ongoing colorful theme, and this project is no different. Each of these ornaments uses the same colors, but in different amounts and patterns.

SKILL LEVEL: If you have a steady hand and like details, this is the project for you!

TIME: About 30 - 60 minutes each, depending on the amount of details

  • Acrylic craft paint - I use the Michael's brand Craft Smart in Bright Magenta, Bright Yellow, Apple Tart, Pool Blue, and Purple. I used Apple Barrel in Pumpkin Orange. I always have large bottles of paint on hand in many colors
  • Unfinished wood snowflake ornaments - I bought a pack of 7 (gave a black version to my husband) from Joann. Mine had pre-drilled holes, but you can find wood snowflake cut outs that you can drill holes into
  • A small flat paintbrush - I used one that angled and a bit stiff, as I find large soft brushes lose bristles
  • A small soft detail paintbrush
  • Palette - I prefer old, paper, or foam plates, as craft acrylic is more liquidy than artist acrylic, and the plate edge catches shifting paint
  • A cup of water
  • Paper towels
  • Wax paper
  • Ornament hanger - This can be a piece of ribbon or wire, depending on what you prefer
  • Mod Podge Gloss and a foam brush - To seal the ornaments
  • A drill with a small bit - If your ornaments don't have holes for hanging, you will need to drill those before you start painting.


1) Lay a big piece of wax paper on your work surface, and one off to the side. This will protect your work surface and give the ornaments a place to dry in between coats.

2) I worked one ornament at a time, but you could basecoat all of your ornaments at once. Pour some of your desired paint color onto your plate. Using the flat paintbrush, evenly coat one side of the snowflake. Let the paint dry in between coats. Add more coats as needed, until snowflake is evenly opaque with paint in the front, back and edges.

If you are basecoating all of your snowflakes at once, repeat step 2, changing your colors as needed.

TIP: Use the cup of water and paper towels to clean your brush in between colors.

3) Pour a little of each color onto your plate. Using the detail brush, outline the edges of one side of the snowflake in contrasting colors. I followed the design of my snowflake, connecting the center points to create a star with one color, and outlining the appendages (I'm sure there is a technical word for "snowflake arms", but I'm not a scientist...nor do I feel like looking it up) with a different color. Go back over them as needed, if the color is too and yellow have that problem.

TIP: The longer the acrylic paint sits on your plate, the thicker it gets. This can be handy to make colors more opaque. To thin out the paint, add a little water.

4) With the small detail brush and other paint colors, add more details to the snowflakes. I kept mine simple, using various sizes and configurations of lines and dots. I wanted something complicated looking, but simple to do. I will note that the center stars can be tricky. Take your time. If you make a mistake, let the mistake dry. Then, cover it with a couple coats of the base paint color.

5) OPTIONAL: I love the matte finish this paint leaves. However, if you prefer a shiny finish, you can seal your ornament using Mod Podge Gloss and a foam brush. Two coats normally gives a nice luster. Let each coat dry completely before adding another. Seal the front, back, and edges.

6) Add your ornament hanger. If you are using ribbon, make sure the pieces are long enough to tie a knot towards the ends and fit over a branch. If you are using wire, slip it through the hole and cross it over itself. Fold the other end over a branch and cross it again.

I've been making a lot of ornaments lately. These are by far my favorites. I chose rainbow, but you could make them in any color palette you desire. To see how I made other tree decorations, check out my Pom Pom Christmas Tree SkirtRainbow Beaded Garland, and Rainbow Feather Tree Topper tutorials. However you decorate for this season, have fun with it! Happy Makery!


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