HOLIDAY DIY: Pom Pom Christmas Tree Skirt

This pom pom embellished Christmas tree skirt is the right amount of vintage inspired and quirky for our holiday decor. My husband bought us a silver tree, last month. I've wanted one for as long as I can remember. I like that it's a non-traditional tree which hails back to the 1950s with tinsel trees. I've always felt that I didn't belong in the time period I was born into. I feel like I should have been a kid in the 1940s or 1950s and been in my twenties during the 1960s. Since time travel is out, I openly embrace vintage things from the 1940s to 1970s. I was born in 1980, to give you some perspective. Anyway, back to the tree skirt. I've been making a lot of colorful ornaments, so having a cheerful custom tree skirt needed to happen. Ok onto how I made this delightfully tacky creation happen...

TIME: About an hour of gluing the design. 2-4 hours for the glue to fully dry


COST: About $10 if you already have fabric glue on hand. About $18 if you need to buy all of the supplies.

  • Red felt scalloped tree skirt - I bought mine for $5 + tax from Target
  • Pom poms - I used 4 packs of 80 pom poms, purchased at Dollar Tree. This was decided based on a calculation of how many total pom poms I had (I had purchased 7 packs) divided into how many scallops on the skirt, which gave me how many pom poms I had available per scallop
  • Alene's Fabric Fusion glue - Most craft stores should carry this
These are affiliate links to either the same or similar products. If you make a purchase using any of the links, I will receive a small compensation. This always goes back to making fabulous things. I Love To Create sent me the glue I used, because I'm a Master Maker with Fairfield World.

1) Pour out a bag of pom poms and separate them by color.

2) Apply a dollop of glue (about pea sized) to the back of one pom pom and press it firmly onto the felt. Repeat this for every pom pom, going around the edge of your tree skirt. I used repeated color pattern, because I like patterns.

TIP: I found that laying the skirt on the floor helped a lot. I will warn you, the glue does take about an hour to be stuck well and about 2-4 hours to completely dry. If you leave your tree skirt unattended in the presence of two cats (say to locate the bigger bottle of glue), this might happen... They are so helpful!

3) Once I finished the border, I added pom poms to the center ring. Then, I added some triangles to the scallops. Then I added pom poms in rings outward. There is the same amount per ring, but they are spaced out more as the ring gets bigger. If I could do this again (this glue is on there for life), I wouldn't do the triangles.

TIP: Lay out your design in sections, before committing to gluing it in place.

4) Let the pom poms dry completely before moving the skirt over to the tree. If any pom poms fall off, it's likely you didn't glue them at all. Get your skirt arranged around your tree. Glue any fallen pom poms in place. Don't let your cats touch them while drying.

Here is what our finished tree skirt looks like with some of our tree decor. The metallic curls are pipe cleaners that we wrapped around our fingers (and a paint brush handle) and twisted around branches. The pipe cleaners are from Dollar Tree and Michael's (blue and purple). They pipe cleaners can be easily removed from the branches and stored flat in the off season...or used for other projects.

To see how I made other tree decorations, check out my Rainbow Feather Tree TopperRainbow Beaded Garland, and Rainbow Feather Tree Topper tutorials. However you enjoy celebrating and decorating for your chosen holidays, I hope they are merry! Happy Makery!


  1. This is so cute! You could make this project even cheaper by buying the felt by-the-yard, too!


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