HOLIDAY DIY: 9 Waterless Snowglobes

Ever since I was a little kid, I've been mesmerized by snowglobes. The way the glitter and snow swirls and falls is magical. However, the idea of making my own has always been daunting. The solution? Making waterless snowglobes. You get the look of a real snowglobe without adding messy water. Many of the tutorials below are reuses of easily found things...jars and glasses. Two use clear ornaments that can be easily found at craft stores around Christmas. This is a great way to have a long lasting snowglobe and do a kid friendly project. I'm going to try some of the jar ones.

1. My So Called Crafty Life - DIY Vintage Bell Jar Inspired Ornaments
2. All Things Heart and Home - Easy Snow Globe Ornaments
3. Domestic Fashionista - Snow Globe Inspired Ornaments
4. Project Wedding - Snow Globe Ornaments
5. My Desert Cottage - Waterless Snowglobes
6. Something Sweet Design - Waterless Snowglobes
7. Michelle Smith - Green Glass Snow Globes
8. The 36th Avenue - Looking Glass Snow Globe
9. Anyone Can Decorate - Mason Jar Snow Globes

These are great for gifts too. You could make several for a stunning centerpiece, table scape, or mantle spread. You could go more traditional, or funky, depending on your style. Whatever you choose, enjoy the creation process and final magical snowglobe. Happy Makery!


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