UPDATE: Projects for Fairfield World and Craft Test Dummies

I've been busy this month working on project request, work of other blogs, band prep for RVAcon, family events, and projects that will have tutorials here.

This past week, four of the posts went live on two separate sites. For Fairfield World, I made a porch full of Stuffed Oly*Fun Pumpkins. This pumpkin's face was painted using Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in Matte Ebony. I made Oly*Fun Fabric Spikes, which I demonstrated on the last League of Space Pirates Live From Space episode. I plan on using these on my costume for RVAcon.

For Craft Test Dummies, I tested Etchall's Dip 'N Etch and Etching Creme. I tested both on glass and ceramics, making a variety of projects. All of the items were purchased from Dollar Tree and a thrift store. The projects below are my favorites from the testing bunch.

I have additional projects coming up with both sites. A costume accessory and Dia de los Muertos banner tutorials for Fairfield World. Not sure what I'm testing next for Craft Test Dummies, but it will be fun to play with, and likely post next month.


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