HOME DECOR: DIY Googly Eyes Frame

Many years ago, I had seen a google eyes frame at Target during Halloween. Inspired by that, I decided to make a DIY version that costs about $5. In my case, I already had most of the supplies from past projects. I found perfect $1 wide wood frames at Michael's in the wood crafts section. This frame is perfect for holding photos of your little goblins and ghouls, or as party decor.

  • 1 Wide wood frame - I got this one for $1 at Michaels
  • Googly Eyes - I used over 90 eyes. I bought my packs at Dollar Tree. You can use the black and white version, colors and various sizes, depending on the look you're going for. Michael's and Jo-ann have a large variety to choose from
  • Black acrylic paint
  • A paint brush
  • E6000
  • A paper plate or scrap paper - To squeeze paint and glue onto while using them
  • Toothpicks
  • Wax paper - To protect your workspace from paint and glue

1) Remove the insides of the frame, leaving just the frame and prongs.

2) Using the black acrylic paint and paint brush, paint the full frame black. This includes the back, sides, and inside edges. Let it dry completely.

3) Pour your googly eyes out and arrange them on your frame.

4) Squeeze some E6000 onto the paper plate. Using the toothpick, pick up a little glue from the plate, and spread it onto the back of one eye. Press it onto the wood frame where you had arranged it to be. Repeat for each eye. This will take a while.

Tip: I started with a corner and a large eye and worked around the frame. The glue won't take long to set up, but you do have a little time to wiggle them around if you need to adjust the placement.

My frame came with a peg and shallow holes on the back for it to sit up. However, the wood is thick enough to hammer in a little hanger for hanging on the wall. I'll do that later, after adding a photo of my little ghoul. Happy Halloween!


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