COSTUME: Penguin from "Batman Returns"

I love the Batman movies. One of my favorites is Tim Burton's "Batman Returns". For the male villain, Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot, you need a lot of menswear pieces. If you are considering doing this costume, I recommend renting a formal tux for the evening and adding the extra elements...gloves, cravat, cigarette holder, umbrella, monocle, and spats. He's a very formal character. If cold, throw on a long faux fur coat or trench coat on top of everything else. Penguin is a large guy, so this costume is aimed at the larger gentlemen. If you want to be more authentic, try applying a pointy nose prosthetic over your own nose. Check a costume shop for one. For the hands, in the film they are deformed, binding the 1st and 2nd fingers and 3rd and 4th ones together. This likely would be uncomfortable to keep your hands in. I suggest just wearing black gloves and forget about binding the fingers together.

I've previously done a Catwoman costume inspired by the classic TV series costumes. If you want one inspired by this movie, you need a full body suit, the mask, gloves, and boots. That's available at many Halloween shops.

For the makeup and hair, check out this Penguin Makeup Tutorial by Pinkstylist.


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