Hi, I'm Alex Davis. One day I was bored and decided to make something out of Duck Tape. I had not used my mustache and gummy bear duck tape yet. So I decided to make a Duck Tape purse! You can use any two prints you want.

  • 2 ROLLS OF DUCK TAPE: Mustache and gummy bear, I got mine at Walmart.
  • SCISSORS: To cut the duck tape into different lengths.
  • 2 SHEETS WHITE PAPER: For the base of your purse.
  • STICKY BACK VELCRO : To close the purse, I got mine at Michaels. 


1. Take the white paper and cover it with cut pieces duck tape place it into a pattern.

2. Fold the duck tape paper in half. Then, on the sides cover it with cut pieces of mustache Duck tape pattern, leaving the top opened like a purse.

3. Next, you need to add a flap. Take another sheet of white paper, measure the height of the purse  and add two inches to the height of the purse.

4. Take the flap you just made, then place a long piece of Duck tape on the bottom of the flap. Stick the flap with the Duck tape inside of the purse on the opposite side of where you want the front to be. If there is a gap in the back of where you put the flap then seal it up with more Duck tape.

5. Fold over the flap and to close the purse cut out a square piece of sticky back Velcro and put it under the flap.

6. Use scissors to round the bag corners, if you want to. Then cover the holes with the same color of Duck tape.


1.  Another idea make a purse that is similar to the purse above. But you could add double sided Galaxy duck tape roses.

2.  Also you could  make a circle purse. Different than the other two, but still awesome, and I had gotten these Duck tapes at Five Below.

Hope you had a fun time making this project! I know I did. ~ Alex


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