COSTUME: Sally Skellington from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

One of Tim Burton's classic character is Sally Skellington from "The Nightmare Before Christmas". In the film, she is the creation of Dr. Finkelstein and shares the same last night. At the end however, Jack Skellington and Sally profess their "undying" love for each other, so I gave her his last name instead. For this costume, you could wear a patchwork dress that is manufactured to match hers. However, going with something more creative, I went with a different patchwork dress that might be easier to acquire a similar one for a last minute costume. Sally's skin is pale blue with stitch lines. To negate some of the body paint, wear a pair of light blue tights and draw stitch lines on them with a paint marker or fabric paint and fine brush. For everywhere else that skin shows, you'll need to mix the blue and white body paints, and use black eyeliner or body paint to make the stitch lines. The makeup video below explains that clearly. For the hair, use a long bright red wig. Some short striped socks and black boots finish off the look. This is a classic costume that is sure to be recognized.

Alexa Poletti created this beautiful Sally Halloween Makeup video tutorial.


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