COSTUME: Beetlejuice

For my Halloween costume series this year, I decided to do Tim Burton characters. He's one of my favorite filmmakers and storytellers. For the 1st one this season, I chose Beetlejuice. I've done a few of his characters in the past, Miss Argentina from "Beetlejuice", Katrina Von Tassel from "Sleepy Hollow", Morticia and Wednesday Addams from "The Addams Family". For this Beetlejuice costume, you will need some key elements, a striped suit, black tie, white shirt, boots, green hair, and makeup. If you can't find a striped suit, you can paint white stripes onto black pants and a black blazer using Tulip Soft fabric paints. For the makeup, there are a few tutorials. The one I've embedded below is my favorite. Use photos of Beetlejuice from the movie as a reference. For an extra creepy element, take toy insects, add clips or pin backs to them. You can clip them in your hair and pin them to your clothing. Be the life of the party, but watch out for sandworms.

Madeyewlook created this Beetlejuice Makeup Video Tutorial.


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