JEWELRY DIY: Girly Cuff and Earrings with Jewel Pop Shop

Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza are the designers behind the expanded Mod Podge formulas, Mod Melts, Mod Mold, Collage Clay, Podgeables...among other things. They have been working on jewelry line with Plaid Crafts. Recently it launched in select Michaels stores. They sent me some items from their new Jewel Pop Shop line. It's not available where I live, so I was over the moon when Cathie said she was sending me some. From the Jewel Pop Shop line, they sent me two skeleton lady cameos and coordinating settings, a bag of resin bows and flowers, 2 large sparkly flowers, a cuff blank, ring blanks, 2 large sparkly flowers, gold jump rings and bails, a pre-made necklace ready to attach to something, and a necklace with bails. Cathie also included some gold leaf trim from her Etsy supply shop. You can find more info about their line, including projects, on their blog Handmade Happy Hour. They are giving away a Jewel Pop Shop prize pack this week!

These are the Jewel Pop Shop items I received.

I used the cuff blank, 1 big sparkly bow, 6 resin roses (large and medium), 18 flat back clear jewels and E6000 to make this girly cuff. I slipped the cuff onto a big spool of chain, that fit perfectly, to hold it while the glue set. I glued the bow 1st, and had to adjust the placement a bit while the glue cured, as it kept slipping along the curved cuff. The sides were easier, as the roses and jewels are lighter weight and didn't slip. The roses curve up a bit on the back, so make sure you use ample glue or you'll have air pockets and they will fall off...speaking from experience here. I have very small wrists...bone, skin, veins, and a little muscle. This means that most cuffs slip right off because their opening is equal to the thickness of my wrist. THIS CUFF DOESN'T SLIP OFF! That is a rare find. The cuff might get a lot of use. I found it easy to slip on and off, twisting it over the crevice of my wrist, but ladies with thicker wrists might find it harder.

For earrings, I used the small roses and bows, earring post blanks, and E6000. I sat these face down to dry. I love vintage inspired stud earrings, and have a few colors of roses and bows already in my collection. I have 6 ear piercings...2 cartilage and 4 lobes. I do like to stack my earrings on my lobes and wear large ones in my cartilage. I'm not your average gal, but you probably already knew that.

To see more of the line and find out what stores the Jewel Pop Shop line is in, watch this video. The list of stores is in the description box.

DISCLOSURE: Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza sent me some items from their new Jewel Pop Shop line by Plaid Crafts, for my personal use. All images, opinions and the tutorial are my own.


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