ACCESSORIES: School Survival Kit

My daughter is starting middle school in a couple week...parents everywhere weep together. She'll have a locker, so I'm making her a bag of essentials, so she'll always look and smell her best. This is mostly because she has gym every other day. This kit can also double as a travel kit, which is handy, as she plans on joining the cross country team and can easily toss this into her duffle bag. She helped me pick out the items. She'll get a locker a couple weeks after school starts and I think she'll have the same one until she finished 8th grade. We'll figure out her locker needs later, and discuss some helpful tips on here. If you want to make a school survival kit for your locker on the cheap, head to your local dollar store and pharmacy...Dollar Tree and CVS are my favorites. Target and Five Below also have great travel sections. What do you need in your school survival kit?


  1. What a great idea! The only thing I'd add is tampon/pad, a bit of cash (maybe $10 or $20 in case of emergency, unexpected school expense, and/or lost lunch money), ibuprofen or Tylenol (whichever she's comfortable with taking for a headache, if she's allowed to carry OTC meds at school), and a small card with her name and email address and any phone numbers that might be important (in case of a lost phone).

    1. Great suggestions. I'm going to slip some period supplies in there too, though she hasn't gotten one yet. She can't have OTC meds in her locker, but I can leave them with the nurse. She doesn't have a phone, but a list of numbers will be handy. Maybe a pen and mini paper pad will be good.


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