SEWING: Baby Play Mat with Oly*Fun

I had a lot of left over Oly*Fun by Fairfield World from making a Striped Bow and review projects. Two of my friends Mandy and Shinji are expecting twin boys. I chose to make them a baby blanket/playmat using most of the Oly*Fun I had remaining. I used purple as the base, and stitched on triangles in greens and blues. I stitched on each triangle separately, layering them as I worked. I was trying to cover as much purple as possible, with only a little peeking out, though the full back is purple. I used matching purple thread, so the back looks clean and is a series of triangles. Oly*Fun won't tear, fray, or fade, which is great for kid use and appliques. Size wise, this is about 1 yard by 1.5 yards. I have some pre-cut triangles left over from this blanket. I'm pondering sewing them together to make an outdoor flag.

They live in Japan, where they have to hang up everything they wash anyway, so the special care needs of this fabric, work well for their normal lives. I had forgotten to take photos of the finished blanket, before leaving Mandy mother's house in Virginia, so Shinji took photos for me. The blanket is wrinkled from being folded and rolled up. I wanted something that would fit easily into a suitcase.

DISCLOSURE: I am part of the Fairfield World Master Designers team, but this was not a sponsored post. I did receive this fabric from them to create the previous projects with. I will have sponsored posts with them using a variety of their products


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